Since its formation, the KCMA worked to ensure that Kentucky remains as a strong supporter of those who serve as well as those Department of Defense installations within Kentucky that have a major economic impact in the Commonwealth. Through the KCMA, the Governor of Kentucky remains well informed of federal issues affecting the military in Kentucky, and enables interagency unity of effort in the support of military-related initiatives and economic development. The clear and compelling growth of military-related spending in Kentucky over the years is documented in The Economic Importance of the Military in Kentucky-2012 Update. Currently $15.3 billion is spent annually in Kentucky through payrolls to Soldiers and DOD civilians, through retirement and veterans benefits, and through contracting actions with Kentucky companies.

The KCMA has been involved at every point along the way to protect and strengthen Kentucky’s interests with regard to military activity in the state. The strategy forms the basis for KCMA action now and into the future, and is derived from past experience, knowledge of current military issues and force structure trends, and the historical budgetary inflection point that affects our nation in so many ways, including the military.

The KCMA continues its tradition of service by establishing, as a main effort, the need to protect and grow Kentucky’s military installations. As in past rounds of BRAC, we see compelling value in Fort Knox, Fort Campbell, and the Bluegrass Army Depot. Despite changes to force structure within the Army, these installations remain as enduring and strategically important as they ever were. We seek to increase the mission and functions within these installations as the Department of Defense is forced to deal with the reality of reduced budgets for the foreseeable future. As the military focuses on cost savings, these installations must be designated as points of consolidation for multiple missions. The low costs of operating here in Kentucky, along with our centralized location and transportation networks, are part of a strong case that the KCMA makes to shape the discussion every day, well prior to a future BRAC round.

If we look at our installations as bedrock economic entities in the Commonwealth, the companies and technologies that are related to or in support of the military in Kentucky provide the framework for increased job opportunities, revenues, and the growth of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career opportunities for graduates of Kentucky schools. The KCMA supports the growth of small companies by partnering with the Cabinet for Economic Development and providing advice and network development for Kentucky companies seeking federal contracts and access to military procurement authorities. In addition, the KCMA partners with educational entities to advance partnership opportunities between academic institutions and companies in the Commonwealth.

In support of the overall strategy, the KCMA communicates a consistent message of support for the military and related activity, and is available for military advice to a wide range of elected and appointed leaders. As elected representatives seek to create or modify military-related legislation, the KCMA is often called upon to testify at various committee hearings, primary among them being the Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection/Safety Committees of both the Kentucky Senate and the House of Representatives. Federal level legislators and their staffs are long-term and strategically important partners. The KCMA maintains strong connections to those who represent us in Washington DC, and their staffs provide frequent updates to the full commission. Within the Department of Defense, the KCMA pursues Kentucky’s interests by communicating with a broad range of defense leaders. With multiple trips each year to the Pentagon, the KCMA Executive Director meets with leaders at the highest levels of uniformed service as well as Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense and service Assistant Secretaries and staffs so informed and smart decisions can be made concerning the military in Kentucky.

Our Vision

To ensure that Kentucky realizes its full potential in supporting and partnering with our military while creating enduring economic opportunity.

Our Mission

Guided by Kentucky Statute, the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs takes action to protect and grow our military installations, enhance the growth of business and address all matters of military significance, improving our quality of life and supporting our national defense.

Our Goals

  1. Protect and Grow Kentucky DOD Installations
    • Increase missions and functions (Single service + JOINT)
    • Promote and enhance the military value of Kentucky installations
    • Plan, coordinate and lead the Commonwealth's BRAC operation
    • Increase installation end-strength (military + DOD civilians)
    • Pursue partnerships: Public-Private, Public-Public (Cost Savings/Cost Avoidance)
  2. Strengthen the Defense-Related Economy in Kentucky
    • Develop specific market segments that align with DOD's intentions for the future
    • Promote small business: technology and innovators (defense and civil markets)
    • Enhance large defense businesses (accomodate growth and long-term presence)
  3. Communicate Strategically
    • Advise elected leadership on military-related issues and legislation
    • Build positive awareness of military activity and related economic opportunity
    • Develop and strengthen local, state, national level advocacy for the military in Kentucky
    • Promote understanding and achieve commitments in support of KCMA goals
  4. Conduct Inter-Agency Program Support for a Strong Military in Kentucky
    • Support and actively contribute to other agency efforts that complement KCMA goals