The Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs (KCMA) was established in 1996 with the statutory authority to pursue initiatives focused on strengthening Kentucky’s relationship with the defense department and improving the quality of life for all who serve (or have served), and their families. This includes protecting and growing our military installations and its defense related economy, filling Kentucky’s critical skills shortages with an extremely qualified work force, and promoting the welfare of our Commonwealth’s veterans, service members and their families.
The goals and objectives outlined in this strategic plan reflect input from lead agents and key stakeholders who are actively engaged with KCMA and motivated to add value to its mission. Collaboration and support was provided from members of the KCMA executive committee, the Governor’s executive cabinet, Kentucky General Assembly, our Congressional Delegation and other inter-governmental partnerships at local, state, and federal levels. The supporting objectives provide a clear map of how we plan to implement these goals. This strategy will be assessed periodically and strengthened to ensure its vision and intent comes to fruition and remains a vital instrument of the leadership of Kentucky to ensure we all meet Governor Bevin’s vision for the Commonwealth. What is contained throughout this document has been fully synchronized with key stakeholders across Kentucky.
Although Kentucky has achieved a great deal already, we continue to seek ways to build on the success of all who played a vital role in establishing our state as an essential part of our nation’s defense.

Our Vision

​To ensure that Kentucky achieves its full potential in supporting and partnering with our military while creating enduring economic opportunity for the Commonwealth.​

Our Mission
Guided by Kentucky statute, the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs addresses all matters of military significance by advising and synchronizing efforts with key stakeholders; protecting and growing our military installations and activities; expanding its defense-related industry; and improving the quality of life for our service members, veterans, and their families. We are dedicated to fulfilling our obligation, providing never-ending support to our military population and the citizens of Kentucky.

Our Goals

  1. Protect and Grow Kentucky DOD Installations and activities
  2. Expand the economic impact of Kentucky's defense-related industry
  3. Develop and implement the model for transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses
  4. Establish Kentucky as the most military friendly state in the nation and grow veteran and retiree populations
  5. Communicate strategically and gain inter-agency, inter-governmental, and public-private partnership support for strong military advocacy