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How we will reach our goals

The Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs (KCMA) was established in 1996 to strengthen Kentucky’s relationship with the defense department and improve the quality of life for all who serve (or have served), and their families. 

Although Kentucky has achieved a great deal already, we continue to seek ways to build on the success of all who played a vital role in establishing our state as an essential part of our nation’s defense.                      

Our Vision

To ensure that Kentucky achieves its full potential in supporting and partnering with our military while creating enduring economic opportunity for the Commonwealth.

Our Mission

Guided by Kentucky statute, the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs addresses all matters of military significance by advising and synchronizing efforts with key stakeholders; protecting and growing our military installations and activities; expanding its defense-related industry; and improving the quality of life for our service members, veterans, and their families. We are dedicated to fulfilling our obligation, providing never-ending support to our military population and the citizens of Kentucky.

Our Goals

GOAL 1: Protect and grow Department of Defense installations and activities

KCMA is watchful for opportunities to grows military facilities and functions in Kentucky and any threats of downsizing or closure. We also support infrastructure improvements that enhance the military value of DOD activities in the Commonwealth.


GOAL 2: Expand the economic impact of Kentucky defense-related industry

To stimulate the expansion of defense-related industry in Kentucky, KCMA continues to lead research on the sector, and help shape the state's business environment. This will help Kentucky become more attractive for opportunities to build, expand, and relocate to this newly designated right-to-work state.


GOAL 3: Develop and implement the model for transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses

KCMA is improving the way Kentucky attracts veterans and service members who are leaving the military and plans to establish Kentucky as the paramount, national model for transitioning service members into the civilian workforce. Alongside legislators, state agencies, universities, and defense industry partners, our team is working to fill the critical skills gaps across our state and ensure military service members (both past and present, and their families) are gainfully employed in Kentucky.

GOAL 4: Establish Kentucky as the most military-friendly state in the nation and grow veteran and retiree populations

This goal is critical to Kentucky as it sets the foundation for accomplishing the first three goals. KCMA works closely with the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Military Affairs, and the state legislature to continually improve the quality of life for the whole military family, and bring more veterans and retirees into the Commonwealth regardless of their original state residency.

GOAL 5: Communicate strategically and gain inter-agency, inter-governmental, and public-private partnership support for strong military advocacy

The state military- and veteran-focused organizations are working closely together to ensure our message flows out to all stakeholders. This coordination is converging a wide array of efforts into one cohesive endeavor: Build and sustain strong military advocacy in Kentucky and bring this strategy to fulfillment.