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What is KCMA? 

About Us

The Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs (KCMA) is an independent agency attached to the office of the governor. It was formed upon the passage of KRS 154.12-203 in 1996 and is the lead advocate for military installations and the related defense economy in Kentucky. For more than two decades, the KCMA has directly managed Base Re-alignment and Closure (BRAC), set conditions for economic growth near Kentucky military installations and provided insight to all levels of government regarding the military and veterans.

KCMA's purpose:

  • Address matters of military significance to Kentucky.

  • Maintain a cooperative and constructive relationship between state agencies and the military entities in Kentucky.

  • Advise the Governor, the General Assembly, the Kentucky congressional delegation, and other appropriate government officials on military matters.

  • Take action to increase the military value of Kentucky's National Guard, active, and reserve military force structure and installations, and improve the quality of life for military personnel residing in the Commonwealth.

  • Coordinate the state's interest in future Base Re-alignment and Closure (BRAC) activities.

  • Recommend state, federal, and local military-related economic development projects.

  • Promote and assist the private sector in partnering with Kentucky’s military installations.

  • Recommend to the Kentucky Economic Development Partnership the long-range options and potential for the defense facilities located in Kentucky;

  • Develop strategies to encourage military personnel to retire and relocate in Kentucky and promote those leaving the military as a viable quality workforce.

  • Allocate available grant money to qualified applicants to further the purposes of the KCMA.

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