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Military- and veteran-friendly legislation

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 
Designates March 30 of each year as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day in KY. (KRS Chapter 2) 

Disabled Veteran-Owned Business 
Provides for a disabled veteran-owned business certification program and requires the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Contract Compliance to establish guidelines for the certification program and application process. (KRS Chapter 42) 

Veteran at Risk Alert
Adds a veteran at risk to those included in a "Golden Alert"; allowing any agency searching for a veteran at risk to refer to the "Golden Alert" as a "Green Alert"  

Disposition of the Military Descendant’s Remains
Allows the person designation by the descendant on the US DoD Record of Emergency Data, DD Form 93, or its successor form, to have authority and responsibility for the disposition of the military decedent's remains. (KRS Chapter 36) 

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients 
Creation of plaque honoring KY Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. (KRS Chapter 42) 

Protection of Medal of Honor Recipients 
Requires the Department of Kentucky State Police to provide personal protection to Medal of Honor recipients who are Kentucky residents attending any public event or ceremony to which they have received an invitation Creation of plaque honoring KY Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. (KRS Chapter 42) 

Pretrial Screening Combat Veterans 
Requires pretrial investigations and services to ask whether an individual has been in combat and, if so, provide contact information to services available for combat veterans; and an opportunity to connect with Kentucky NG Family Services program. (KRS 431.515) 

Kentucky National Guard Benefit Program for Returned Deployment, Physical & Mental 
Institutes a program to assist KY National Guard members returning from deployment overseas with physical and mental conditions. Costs shared by Kentucky NG and KDVA.  (KRS Chapter 40) 

Kentucky Medal for Freedom 
Establishes the KY Medal for Freedom award for soldiers killed on or after 7 October 2001, who had ties to KY. Per amendment Year 2013, eligibility criteria was broadened to allow members of the US Armed Forces Active Duty, a state National Guard, or a Reserve Component who were buried in KY on or after July 15, 2008, and have a surviving spouse, parent, or next available family member who is a KY resident. The KY Dept Veterans Affairs manages the program and receives funds from the Veterans' Program Trust Fund. (KRS 40.353) 

Kentucky Wounded or Disabled Veterans Program 
Establishes the KY Wounded or Disabled Veterans Program within the KY Dept Veterans Affairs to ease the transition from active service for wounded or disabled veterans and ensure they receive federal, state, and private benefits to which they are entitled. (KRS Chapter 40)  

Criminalize Disorderly Conduct at Funeral 
Requires military burial rights be distributed and criminalizes disorderly conduct at a funeral.  (KRS 213.076; 525.055) 

Military Burial Honors 
Establishes a burial honor guard program for veteran's funerals. (KRS Chapter 40) 

Indigent Veteran's Burial Program  
Establishes an Indigent Veteran's Burial Program. (KRS Chapter 40) 

State Veteran Cemeteries 
Requires the KY Department of Veterans Affairs to establish and maintain state veteran cemeteries. (KRS Chapter 36) 

Kentucky Retired Veterans Day 
Designates July 1 of each year as KY Retired Veteran's Day (KRS Chapter 2)